Mother and Baby Yoga

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Mother and Baby Yoga Classes:


    • 10.00am-11.00am (followed by teas and chat)

    • Castleside Village Hall (Drover Rd, Consett, DH8 9RE)

    • £3 per class (this class is now partly funded so you can enjoy it all for even less!)

    • Pay as you go, no blocks of classes

    • No Yoga Experience required

    • Booking required (you are advised to book all the classes you want to attend when they are released to avoid disappointment)

    • Suitable from 6 weeks (10-12 weeks for c-section delivery) up to when baby is crawling

    • Classes term-time only (no classes during the school holidays)

Please let me know about any injuries or ailments when you arrive.

Consult your GP if you are not sure if Yoga is suitable for you or your baby.

Mother and Baby Yoga Lanchester, Durham

Mum and Baby Yoga Classes include:

  • Yoga for Mams to relieve tension from body and mind and to aid with postnatal healing

  • Yoga for baby to help physical and neurological development

  • Yoga for Mum and Baby to do enjoy together to aid bonding and have fun!

  • Breathing techniques for Mams to help reduce stress and anxiety

  • Sonic Massage, using gentle sounds to help relax Mum and Baby

  • Use-Anywhere relaxation techniques for Mams

  • A chance to meet other Mums and share the highs and lows!

I wrote a short article for Focus On online magazine about the ways that Mother and Baby Yoga can help build a sense of connection - with other mothers, with your baby, and with yourself. Especially important in the post-covid world we are hopefully moving towards.

My Mother and Baby Yoga sessions are designed to be relaxed and informal with the emphasis on mum getting to stretch out, gently strengthen, and relax, whilst having fun with baby and learning how to use yoga to help baby and their development.

Making Mammy Friends - Facebook Group:

Join our Facebook Group for those who're attending or have attended my Yoga for Pregnancy or Mum and Baby Classes to keep in touch, post pictures and birth stories, ask questions, share ideas, and arrange get-togethers.